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Training Programmes in the Phillips ROI Methodology

Today, one of the most critical skills any professional can possess is being able to show the accountability of various processes and functions. More than any time in the past, senior executives and other stakeholders are questioning the value of a variety of programmes, projects, and processes. Professionals must show how this value can be measured and reported in a credible, methodical way. The ROI certification process is the standard for achieving and verifying that an individual possesses these skills.


The Phillips ROI Institute UK provides certified training programmes to help practitioners reach a high level of proficiency in applying the methodology thereby enabling them to implement and embed good practice in their own organisations.


Certification in the Phillips ROI Methodology™ allows you to fully master the skills needed to implement a comprehensive, ongoing ROI initiative in your organisation. Certification can either span a five-day training course (or two separate courses of 2 and 3 days each) where you learn all elements of the methodology and how to sustain the measurement and evaluation process on a continued basis. This includes a mix of knowledge and skill development as well as planning for and implementing an ROI case study. The certification workshops are an intensive process that allows a deep dive into the methodology .

Upcoming Training Programmes


Full ROI Certification Course (5 Days)

Delivered by Dr Jack Phillips

London, Cumberland Hotel:  June 18-22,  2018.

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ROI Foundations Certificate

The ROI Foundations Certificate is a 2 day course that provides an excellent grounding in all aspects of the Phillips methodology and will enable participants to -

    • Understand the 5 levels of evaluation and how they work
    • Implement appropriate data collection techniques for each level
    • Be able to analyse the results of the data collected
    • Understand the chain of impact in the evaluation process
    • Calculate the ROI
    • Isolate the impact of training
    • Walk-through a complete ROI process
    • Examine a range of ROI case studies and exercises
    • Be able to explain the ROI process