Phillips ROI Institute

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Resources to Support Implementation


Over the past two decades, the ROI Resource Center has developed a tremendous amount of content, tools, and useful information to help individuals learn about ROI and use it properly.


First among these materials are the many books that have been developed. Historically, we suggested that if you need copies of a book to go directly to the publisher or other distributors. This has been inconvenient for some and we want to make our books available directly to you through the ROI Resource Center.


In addition, we have developed a tremendous number of tools we want to make available at a reasonable cost for those who need help understanding and using ROI. This is our online storefront where materials will be available.


We have had many requests for items that we have used. While we make them available to those who go through our certification, we want to now make them available to everyone, at affordable prices.


Our ROI Resource Center storefront has officially launched. There you will find our book list, tools and templates, and articles found on this Web site for order or download information.



All our currently available books can be purchased through our online bookstore. We have approximately 50 books available through our Resource Center, with many more to come.


Case Studies

Many of the case studies have been published in books while others are now available through the Resource Center. This will allow us to maximize the number of case studies available to the public.


Implementation Guides

These guides help individuals implement ROI and include a variety of checklists, documents, and information pieces that help to make ROI implementation a success.


Self-Study Materials

More individuals want to learn ROI at their own pace, and on their own time. A variety of self-study materials will be available including CD-ROMs, Self-Study Guides, and Toolkits for making ROI work.


Tools and Templates

A variety of tools will be available to help individuals quickly take the various steps and tackle some of the tough issues.