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The ROI Methodology is adaptable to a variety of applications. Many of these applications are listed below along with a selection of information, learning opportunities, and tools well-suited to each application. Please keep in mind that, for most of these areas, public workshops are not directly scheduled, but are conducted at the request of a particular client, company, or organisation.


Although the use of the ROI Methodology had its beginning in measuring the impact of training and development, it quickly expanded to include many other areas. Now it is used in at least 20 separate fields. Although the methodology is essentially the same for each application, there are a few issues and challenges that must be addressed to apply it to particular fields.


ROI Institute has developed 20 practice areas. ROI impact studies have been developed in each of these areas – some to a significant degree. For example, in learning and development, thousands of case studies are produced each year. The methodology is being used in 30-40% of organizations in the USA, with a higher penetration in other countries. However, in some fields it is now being introduced and implemented with success.


For each professional practice area, a book has been developed or is in the planning stages. Also, a casebook has either been developed, is being developed, or will be developed.

Special workshops are available in each of these areas, as well as consulting services. A consultant at ROI Institute serves as the lead consultant for each particular practice, based on his or her expertise in that field.


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